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Have you considered the University of Maine?

umainecrest_color-1At the end of the summer I was speaking with a friend from college that has a child entering their junior year in high school. My friend mentioned that they visited the University of Maine in Orono and really liked it. I told my friend that this could be an excellent option because this school offers a serious affordability factor. The University of Maine will match the cost of state flagships for students from New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Pennsylvania. So, if you are from one of these states, you just need to calculate what it will cost to attend your instate flagship and you can attend the University of Maine for the same price. Every time I share this information with fellow parents, their eyes get big and they say, “Really?” This must have worked because last spring the University of Maine had a waiting list for the first time in a decade. This article from The Washington Post explains the plan in detail. Enjoy!