Three Things to Know About College Admissions in 2023

“If you are applying to a number of schools with admit rates

of 1 out of 3 or less, expect unpredictability.”

~Rick Clark

Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director

Georgia Institute of Technology

We are deep in the heart of October, one of the busiest times for applicants in the college admissions cycle. I have seniors putting the final touches on their applications, waiting for scores from the latest SAT, making a final decision around a binding Early Decision plan and planning campus visits over the New Jersey break in November. Suffice it to say, I am busy. So for this blog, I am leaning on the wisdom from Rick Clark from the Georgia Tech admissions office. His recent post shared three critical lessons that I summarize here:

  1. Highly qualified students are regularly denied admission at ultra-selective schools.
  2. It is critical to have hard conversations as a family about college costs and how you anticipate meeting them.
  3. College admissions is not fair-be prepared for decisions that are unpredictable.

Rick’s post, “College Admissions: 3 Messages You Need to Hear” can be read here. He explains these lessons far more eloquently and in much more detail. Good luck!

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