College Visit Takeaways.

I am organizing my next set of college visits in November and I realized that I am overdue to share about the schools I visited on my trip from New Jersey to Salt Lake City, Utah in August. I visited the following eleven college campuses:

Miami University

University of Cincinnati

Indiana University

Washington University

St. Louis University

University of Kansas

Butler University

University of Denver

University of Colorado-Boulder

Colorado School of Mines

University of Utah

What are my takeaways? We have a rich and varied choice of post-secondary institutions in this country. There are so many types of schools and students that start their college application process early will have the luxury of exploring these options without the stress of having to make a decision.

Which was my favorite? Hard to say! I loved the town of Golden, CO, the home of Colorado School of Mines. Wash U and U of St. Louis were both located with convenient access to St. Louis, which seemed like an incredible place to go to college. Kansas and Indiana were sprawling flagships; if you are looking for a large school, these could be great options. The University of Utah campus is modern, clean and has stunning mountain vistas. Miami of Ohio is as pretty a campus as I have seen; a public ivy with a traditional feel that is a bit larger.

What I really loved about the schools that I saw was that they all (with the exception of Wash U/St. Louis) have manageable admissions thresholds.

I am going to post photos of my visits over the next few weeks on Instagram. My handle is on IG if you want to follow along. My next webinar is Monday, October 9th, with the latest news and notes in college admissions before I take a dive into writing college essays. Feel free to join me or share the link from my IG story with anyone that might benefit.

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