5 Reasons Supplemental Essays Can Be Easier Than The Main Essay

I am deep in the heart of the supplemental essay season and helping my students get as much of this work done before they head back to senior year, so here are some quick thoughts on why the supplements can be easier than the main essay:

  1. They are shorter-The average tends to be from 100-300 words. Some are as short as 50!
  2. They ask more direct questions-The main essay is more open-ended and this can be stressful for students. Supplements are more specific and ask things like why you want to pursue a certain field, what is a meaningful extracurricular or how their college is a good fit for you.
  3. Some are short answer-Some schools ask you to finish a sentence, tell what you did last Thursday or make a list.
  4. They are whimsical, lighthearted and fun-One prompt asks where and what they should eat in your hometown.
  5. Sometimes they aren’t even there!-There are plenty of schools that do not even ask for extra writing.

Good luck!

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