College Essays: 5 Things NOT to Write About

Greetings from the heart of college application writing season! Most of my students spent July focused on their main essay so that when August 1st rolled around, they could focus on the many different types of supplemental essays that individual colleges often require. My last post focused on five things to know. This post will highlight five things that you should NOT write about:

  1. Do not recite your extracurricular resume. The colleges can see where you spent your time. Use this space to share something that is not already part of your profile.
  2. Do not regurgitate your academic achievements. They can see your GPA, the rigor of your coursework and the letters of recommendation from your teachers and counselor. That is plenty of information.
  3. Do not use this piece to vent about an issue. The overall arc of your writing should lean positive. This is not not a place to unload about something.
  4. Do not use this essay to share about how another person has impacted you. This essay needs to be about YOU, not about someone that has helped shape you.
  5. Do not brag or boast. If you do it right, your profile will speak for itself.

Good luck!

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