Kudos to the SUNY System!

Happy February! I am a little late with my blog this month so I hope that the good news I share makes up for my tardiness.

In college admissions, there is so much stress around acceptances, test scores and cost. College admission news is fraught with headlines that provoke anxiety about a complex process that has become even more so in recent years. So it is a happy occasion for me to share some positive news that is simple, straightforward and offers some relief to families that are sorting out the college journey with their students. 

The State University of New York (SUNY) has rolled out a tuition match program for eight states. This allows students from Connecticut, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts to attend twenty two of the SUNY campuses at the same cost as the student’s respective state flagship. The beauty of this program is that it could not be more clear or direct. There is a link to their website here

Kudos to the SUNY system for offering families a program like this that cuts through all the stress and anxiety and creates simple, affordable options for students from these eight states. If you are seeking affordability and reside in one of the states I listed above, take a look at the SUNY system to see if there is a campus or a program that could work for you!


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