College Students Weigh in on College Admissions

“For an overachieving high schooler who wanted what the upper echelon of colleges promised, nothing seemed to be a valid hobby or interest unless you somehow turned it into a nonprofit, a start-up, or an international award.”

Yejin Suh, Princeton University Class of 2025

Greetings from the heart of the application season! I am sharing two pieces this month written by college students and their thoughts on selective college admissions. One of them is an opinion piece The New York Times, titled “There is Still One Big Trick for Getting Into an Elite College”, written by a junior at Stanford. The other was written by a sophomore at Princeton University and published in the Daily Princetonian, titled “3.98 Percent a Year Later: Reflecting on the Rat Race of College Admissions”

Both students express concerns about the college admissions process and the impact on students in America. What do you think?


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