And the Pendulum Swings!

Once I’m into a school, I don’t have to worry about showing any interest right? I’ve been flooded with emails about virtual events from XXXXX and XXXXXX.”

~A nervous senior ’21

I am posting this piece on April 1st. Traditionally, by this date, all colleges have released their decisions and students have until May 1st to commit to a school. But this is the class of 2021 and everything is in flux. Some of the most selective schools in the country have pushed back their notification dates after April 1st and like last year, I anticipate that colleges will extend the deadline to submit a deposit for August.

The pendulum swings when colleges have released their admission decisions and they are trying to bring in their freshman class. If you are a senior, up until now, the colleges held all the cards. You were courting them and seeking an an acceptance. Now the dynamic has shifted 180 degrees; the colleges are courting you. Every school wants to yield the best class that they can, so they pepper you with emails about their programs, campus life and graduation outcomes. The student that I quoted above received so many communications that he actually thought that if he did not respond, they might rescind his admission!

So after a long journey in the admission cycle, students hold the power. Enjoy this phase where colleges that have accepted you shower you with love. And take advantage of all the opportunities to learn more about the schools if you are still trying to decide. And if a deadline is approaching and you need more time, you are well within your rights to reach out to colleges and ask for an extension. Congratulations on your acceptances and good luck!

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