Why is May 1st Significant in College Admissions?


May 1st means several things to me and in the Stay-At-Home/Pandemic era, it just feels good to turn a page in the calendar. But, May 1st has traditionally been the National Decision Day for high school seniors to commit to the college that they will attend in the fall. This year many schools have extended the deposit date to accommodate the uncertain times, so if you know a senior, they might not have made a final decision because the schools that they are considering have moved the date to June 1st or beyond. And for me personally, it is the day that I opened my office last year. I took a sweet, compact room and tried to create a cozy, comfortable space to meet with students and help them on the road to college. (And yes, I can say I have a corner office!)


Above is where I started and below is where I finished.


Last May, I was inspired to take the month and offer free meetings in my new office. May is typically a quiet month in the consulting world; my seniors are settled and my juniors are gearing up to work on applications. Last year I wrote about this in a post called “Community”. These complimentary consultations were so well received that I decided to make this an August Consulting tradition, where anyone can schedule an hour to come in (or for now, schedule a call or a zoom meeting) during the month of May. The journey to college has always required families to engage in the process and now more than ever, the questions seem to multiply. So, ideally I would love to welcome you to my office, but for now, please reach out and schedule a time to speak or “meet” virtually. We are in challenging times and these meetings are a small thing that I can do to be of service.

If you have a senior that has made a decision, congratulations!

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