College Visits in 2019

One of my professional goals is to work on the next level of certification in my field and become a CEP (Certified Educational Planner). There are multiple requirements to accomplish this and one of them is to visit seventy-five colleges in a five year period. I set a goal to try and start seeing fifteen colleges a year and in 2019 I managed to do it! I toured a wide range of schools, from the ultra-selective (Hello Princeton) to hidden gems (I am looking at you, Caldwell University). Here is my 2019 list of schools in the order that I visited their campuses:


Skidmore College

Williams College

Amherst College

Saint Michael’s College

Princeton University

The College of New Jersey

Caldwell University

Montclair State University

Saint Peter’s College

Drew University

Kean University

Sacred Heart University

Fairfield University

Catholic University of America

University of Richmond

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