No Double Dipping!

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“Double dipping” has different connotations. In some places, it means a generous portion of ice cream. I remember years ago, a sweet little friend of one of my children telling me at an ice cream parlor that he was allowed to “double dip” and get two scoops. And who can forget the Seinfeld episode where George double dips at a party. But in college admissions, it has another meaning and you don’t want to get caught doing it.

As I write this, seniors have four more days to make a decision about which school they are going to attend next August. Most of my clients are settled but I have a few that are still visiting schools and trying to decide.

Last week I was speaking to a parent about this issue and I reminded them that they could only deposit at one school and if they “double deposited”, both schools could rescind admission. This parent was wide-eyed because they had no idea that there was such a severe consequence for placing two deposits. They were not planning to accept spots at multiple schools but they were concerned about where or when they should have learned this important piece of information.

If your student applied to a Common App school, this verbiage is in the application that they signed, “I affirm that I will send an enrollment deposit to only one institution; sending multiple deposits may result in the withdrawal of my admission offers from all institutions.” If your student did not apply through the Common App, there is usually a clause that states something similar in the paperwork that you send in to place your deposit. So…I know the clock is ticking and it might seem harmless to take a spot at two schools to buy more time but I strongly recommend that you adhere to the rules of one deposit. If you “double dip”, you may put your acceptances in jeopardy. If you are struggling with a decision, I am happy to take a phone call and offer my perspective on your choices. Good luck!

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