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IMG_3016 Exactly one month ago, I was driving through the town where I live and I spotted a For Sale sign at a house that offered the option for commercial use. The past year or so I have kept my eye out for office space but I have found the market for what I need to be scarce. The commercial property caught my eye and I texted my friend who is a realtor. Exactly one hour later, we were inside the house, exploring how the layout might accommodate offices. We crunched the numbers but it really did not add up. I texted her later in the evening to thank her and tell her that I was not going to pursue the house. Then she texted me the magic words, “There is an office in my building available starting next month that is 200′ square feet. It might be a better play.” I went to see the office the next day, did all the paperwork and two weeks later, signed a lease. I took possession of my little space last Friday.

I have been busy getting set up and I have a cute handyman that is helping me. The timing is ideal because most of my seniors are making their final decisions and my juniors will be ramping up with their applications in June, so this is a perfect window to create an awesome space to help kids on the road to college. Stay tuned!

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