Thoughts on the 2019 Application Season

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I have one last student that is working on essays and as we close out 2018 and look forward to 2019, I have a few humble thoughts on the current admissions cycle.

Don’t Look For Fair-Do you see a Ferris wheel or cotton candy anywhere in the college admissions process? I didn’t think so. Do not look for fair because it is not here. I have parents reach out to me (clients and/or friends) that are floored at how the early decision answers came back. Students that are at the top of their class are overlooked while other applicants that are literally not in the same class academically are accepted. This is an eye-opening part of the admissions season and there is nothing fair about it.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm-Not really. What I mean to say here is that students that are done with their applications and have everything submitted before November 1st for ALL of their schools are going to have a more enjoyable senior year and a relaxed holiday vacation. If you are racing against the January 1 deadline right now, you know what I mean.

ED Has a New Meaning-The early decision round this year seemed increasingly competitive. I heard a colleague jokingly say that ED no longer stands for Early Decision. The initials mean Early Deferral.

Have a List You Love-The stress of the admissions cycle is reduced when a student is not under pressure to receive an acceptance letter from one specific school. When applicants love their list, they can relax and feel confident that they will have some acceptances to sort through and that things will work out for them. I say it all the time and I said it here and here, but it still holds true-love your list!

There is no Tooth Fairy for Tuition-The cost of college continues to grow. Families need to talk about what is affordable for them early in this process and not just hope that scholarships magically appear.

I hope you have a healthy and happy 2019 and good luck to all the current applicants!


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