What is a Superscore?

If you are a junior or a senior in high school and plan on taking the ACT or the SAT, you may have heard the word “superscore” and wondered what it is. A superscore is when you combine your best scores from more than one test date. For example, If you take the SAT and get a 610/EBRW and a 700/Math, your total score is 1310. If you take the test again and get a 650/EBRW and a 670/Math, your total score is 1320. But if you take your best score from each test date, you add 650/EBRW and 710/Math which adds up to a “superscore” of 1360, which is a stronger score than either of the individual tests. The ACT works the same way. The one thing that you cannot do is superscore between the ACT and the SAT. If your superscore is dramatically better than any of your individual tests, take care to check that the colleges that you are considering will use a superscore. The link here from the Princeton Review should help you determine how the schools on your list will calculate your score. Enjoy!


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