August Consulting!

IMG_2010I make it a point to write at least one new post each month and maintaining this goal during application season is a challenge. I find myself working around the clock this time of year. I named my consulting practice August Consulting for a reason! Reading essay drafts, consulting with the professional editor that I use to review my students’ work, visiting college websites to confirm deadlines, sculpting lists and communicating with families has me working at quite a pace. If you are a rising senior or the parent of a rising senior, my takeaway is this; make it a goal to get your applications completed before school starts. Last summer I wrote about A Path to Peace, Part 2 and it still holds true this year.

The concept is simple, but not easy. There are many false summits in this process. As my seniors finished their Common App essays in late July, there was cause for celebration. They felt like they had completed a critical piece of the application and they felt great. But that was just one weigh point on the road to college. On August 1st we jumped right into the Common App, finalizing lists and determining whether schools are Common App, Coalition App, or use a proprietary application platform. We needed to start writing supplemental essays and for some kids, that means LOTS of writing.

I literally call myself the College Stalker in August. I call, email and text, pushing each kid to keep working. I promise them that this will have an endpoint.  I tell them that they might dread seeing my phone number calling again, but they will love me in September. And as they start to cross the finish line, I see the smiles that light up their face. I tell them they are allowed to have a silent swagger of a senior that is done with their applications. And I ask them to be silent because if they talk about it, they might stress out their peers who are still working.

So this post is short and sweet because I have work to do!

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