Why is College Admissions So Fun?

We are entering an exciting stage of the college admissions cycle; decisions are coming out! And I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to hear from a student that has good news. Last night I was relaxing by the fire when I received a text out of the blue from a client that one of their top choices had sent them an acceptance letter. And today I received another unexpected text in the middle of a busy Saturday, from a client letting me know that they were accepted at a school that would be an incredible fit for them.

Many colleges and universities give a precise date that informs applicants as to when they will receive an answer about their application. Other schools provide a general idea of when they will notify Regular Decision applicants. When I know a school is releasing their decisions on a specific day, I am on pins and needles with my fingers crossed, waiting to hear. But not every school adheres to a strict schedule. And sometimes when they give you a date, they still might release their decisions earlier than expected. And that is what made the answers that I received in the last 24 hours so exhilarating; the schools that my clients texted me about were not expected to release decisions until March. The exciting news was entirely unexpected.

By spring of senior year, I have been working with many of my clients for years. We have worked late into the night on essays, battled deadlines, worked around illness and injury, celebrated successes and setbacks in their high school careers, and I have come to know them very well. The Regular Decision phase is the crescendo of all our work, and I just love it. And truth be told, sometimes the news is not always positive. Rejection is part of this process, and it never feels good. So tonight I am celebrating the outstanding texts that I received this weekend. Good luck to all the future Catamounts and Blue Hens out there!

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