Don’t Fall In Love!

As the parent of a senior in high school, I am constantly asked where my son wants to go to school. It doesn’t matter if it is a close family member or if I am standing in the deli line at the supermarket. People are excited and curious and they ask, “Where does he want to go!” This can put a parent in a tough spot because it is not your information to share. These people usually mean well and they are excited for your child, so how does one respond to someone who is asking a simple question?  I have found an answer that works. I smile and say, “He has a list that he loves.” This response solves many issues.  I don’t divulge my son’s personal business, I do not feed the admissions anxiety that lurks out there AND I give the person asking a polite and upbeat response.
This short video features John Katzman. He gives an excellent explanation about why it is so important to not fall in love with a specific school, but rather create a list where any of the schools could work. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Fall In Love!

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  2. Chuck

    I don’t see anything wrong with falling in love with a particular college you’d want to go to. I do see something wrong with teens falling in love but feeling entitled to something, feeling they earned their way to something which isn’t theirs to begin with, and worst of all a teen NOT knowing how to accept defeat/rejection as water drops falling on a ducks back! Good grief college admissions to any school does NOT define you! There is a lot more to being a loving, compassionate and understanding individual then admission to one particular school! You’ll make it no matter where you go if you really got it in you to begin with! Let us not fool ourselves let’s all get educated on who we are and what we are or should be!

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